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Anonymous: i love you so much ! i just wanted to know how you started your fashion line ? I one day want to start my own fashion line any tips? :)

I was scouted by my boss !

lavishx: I seriously LOVE your lavender and I was thinking about dying my Teal but I have no clue on how to :( is bleach necessary? and if so, what brand would you recommend?

thanks ! yes cuz my original color is black so bleached 3 times.

I’m using manic panic for dying but idk about the bleaching. leave it to the hair stylist

Anonymous: Hey! Are you planning on visiting California? You should do a meet & greet cuz I would love to meet you :)

Yes soon ! Thank you ! It is really hard to find someone in LA cuz everyone uses cars !haha

Anonymous: would you go to EDC as a DJ or a regular member? I WANT TO PARTY WITH ALISA UENO!

Aw Thanks ! but I missed EDC :((